Friday, 6 August 2010

Open Babel Quick Reference

Hans de Winter of Silicos has put together a quick reference for the Open Babel API on a double-sided A4 page:
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If you're at EuroQSAR in September, you can pick up a copy in person. There may also be a few at the Boston ACS. Otherwise, here's the PDF.


alexhenderson said...

Thanks for posting this, but your pdf link is broken.

baoilleach said...

Whoops - thanks for the heads up. Fixed now.

Igor said...

One has to register to download PDF.
doubleplusungood :(

baoilleach said...

You're kidding me?! Sorry - I didn't realise. I'll sort it out..

baoilleach said...

PDF link now should (finally!) work without registration.